About Us

EssentialSkillsPRO is an e-learning platform dedicated to the instruction of Essential Skills such as Emotional Intelligence, all facets of Communication and much, much more!
Students, Job-Seekers, Entry-Level, Mid-Level, Executive Level, Entrepreneurs…Virtually ANYONE who needs to acquire new skills or to sharpen existing ones, EssentialSkillsPRO is a one-stop solution for all of your e-learning needs!
EssentialSkillsPRO caters to Individuals or Groups/Teams/Organizations. Please allow us the opportunity to serve you!

Meet the Team

J Scott Galloway


A life-long professional development learner, J Scott’s career has spanned multiple industries in a wide variety of sales, service, professional, etc. positions. His love for ‘owning’ his own personal and professional development over the course of his career led him to create EssentialSkillsPRO to allow others the same opportunities.

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